Thursday, October 7, 2021

Can You Help? ~ Jean C. Gordon

My next Paradox Lake Sweet Romance, Trusting Love, will release in February, and I'm looked for Hero-Heroine cover art. Which art above do you like best? A little background: She's a certified nurse-midwife. He's an OB/Gyn. They're co-practitioners with decidedly different prenatal-delivery approaches and styles. Share your choice in the comments.

October $2.99 Preorder Deal

If you haven't read the No Brides Club multi-author sweet romance series that I've participated, now is your chance to. These 4-Book Collections are each available for preorder for $2.99--that's less than the normal price for one book!

The No Brides Club is a series of sweet and wholesome, contemporary romances that allow an escape to the Big Apple without leaving your favorite reading chair.

The career-minded bachelorettes in this series share a common goal to put business before bridal plans. But what happens when they meet someone who makes them want to trade in their no-marriage vows for a walk down the aisle?

(includes my No Time for Apologies)
(includes my No Time for Detours)
(includes my No Time for Detours)


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                        1. I like the first one. Their smiles seem to say that there are positive feelings between them despite their differences.

                        2. I like the middle one. First one seems too friendly, and the last one seems to negative.