Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Minimalist Me Part 2, by Magdalena Scott


Photo by Aleksi Tappura on Unsplash

Since I had quite a bit of interest in last month's post about my minimalist home, I thought I would tell you about my office. 

You're assuming one of the things in my office is a desk, right? Gotta be honest here--it's only a desk because that's what I call it, and how I use it. If you saw it in the wild, so to speak, you would think it was a folding table. 

I've had actual desks. But I really love my nice, plain table. 

My big printer sits on one end. On the other end is a filing tray (currently overflowing), and the little alphabetized file box that's supposed to contain some of those papers in the filing tray. There's also a copy stand to the right side of my keyboard and a pretty coaster to the left. I try not to have a lot of clutter on the desk. I find visual clutter quite distracting. (I know, I know, just file the papers already...)

Next to my desk is a little metal cabinet. The top section opens upward and holds envelopes and cards. The six shallow drawers contain all of my office supplies. This piece of history belonged to my parents. My dad kept his Exacto knives and drawing tools in it. My mother's paintbrushes were sometimes in there too. The occasional splotches of paint inside the drawers make me smile.

Also in the office: a vintage office chair, and right next to that, a side chair with a cat bed on it. Of course, Selina wants attention when I'm working. She's quite happy to curl up in the chair next to mine and have a nap. 

A small white bookcase holds writing-related books. (Many of my writing-related books are in ebook format, thus requiring much less space.) A tall cat tree has a view out the window. 

Out of sight in the closet is a two-drawer file cabinet for items I don't often need to access.

And that's it. Simple but functional. Because I find my office peaceful, I'm better able to focus.

Bonus: My desk can serve as a table if I have lots of company for a meal.

What type of office setup works for you?

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  1. This is impressive, Magdalena. My desk is a mess and I have too many books, papers, and notebooks with notes in it from classes I've taken. Plus I brainstorm on paper and keep track of story stuff on paper.
    I wish I could be like you! LOVE IT.