Thursday, July 29, 2021

K-9 Stories by Laura Scott


Good morning everyone! I'm here today talking about how much fun it is to write and read K-9 books.

Every year Harlequin asks 8 authors to participate in a K-9 series. This year, the stories are all set in Alaska. My book, Tracking Stolen Secrets takes place in July, where the sun shines from 4 am until nearly midnight. 

Each book can stand alone, with it's own mystery, but there is also an over arching storyline that takes place across all eight books. This makes it challenging and fun for us as authors, to make sure to keep the details straight.

K-9 books are a lot of fun to write, although I will confess that in writing this particular story, I sometimes lost track of my K-9 Luna and baby Christine. It's easy to get focused on the hero and heroine's story, the danger, and the setting. I'm writing along when suddenly, I realize I forgot to mention poor Luna oh, and where is Christine?  

Luna is a Norwegian Elkhound who specializes in tracking scents and in this book, she also finds a killer.

I enjoy reading K-9 stories because each dog has a different specialty and I find their work fascinating.

What do you think? Do you enjoy K-9 stories? If so what do you like about them? 

If you've never tried a K-9 story, maybe give one a try. You will be amazed at what these courageous K-9 cops can do.

Tracking Stolen Secrets is available now!

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