Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Fun Facts about Books and Reading from Jean C. Gordon

See how many of these fun facts about reading you know.

  • More than a third of the fiction market is made up of romance novels.
  • According to Guinness Book of Records, the largest book This Is the Prophet Mohamed weighs 73,000 pounds and is 16.4 fee by 26.44 feet.
  • The longest book title is 3,700 words long: The Historical Development of the Heart ... lists all the different species covered in the book as well as 50+ questions answered in it in the title.
  • Author James Patterson was the first writer to sell more than one million ebook copies.
  • People in India read the most. They average 10.7 hours of reading a week vs. about 5 hours for the average American.
  • There are more public libraries in the US than McDonalds restaurants.
  • Reading for just six minutes a day reduces stress by 68%.
  • The first atlas published, by Claudius Ptolemy, sold for $3.9 million (in 2006). In today's dollars, that would be $4.91 million.
  • The word for liking the smell of books is bibliosmia.
  • People who read fiction are nicer. They're more empathetic, open minded to others' viewpoints, and more likely to exhibit positive social behavior.
  • People who read live longer than those who don't.
How did you do? Did any you didn't know surprise you? Which one(s)?

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                        1. Well, THAT was fun! Thanks for the facts, Jean! :)

                        2. The word for liking the smell of books was a new one for me.

                        3. Many of these facts were new to me, Jean. My favorite: "Reading for just six minutes a day reduces stress by 68%." I assume this refers to fiction reading instead of, say, the news. ;)