Friday, July 16, 2021

Free Book and a Virtual Book Fair Invitation!

Lyn Cote here~ First time ever free 
July 16-20th

Identical twin brothers-stained by an unjust scandal and separated by miles of wilderness~ 

Outcast from New Orleans, Johnny McKuen has taken refuge in Mexican Texas. Out of the blue, a friend, nearly a brother, arrives with Johnny’s neighbor, mortally wounded.

The new widow Angel slumps against the bed, her head on her husband’s hand as he breathes his last. How is she to care for her children with the birth of another child imminent? 

And who shot her husband?


Holding down the fort at the family plantation, Callum McKuen feels abandoned and rejected by New Orleans society. In the French Quarter, Callum meets Minette, who hides her beauty beneath layers of clothing. Why isn’t she showing off her beauty to find a husband? But Minette also lives under a cloud of unjust scandal. 

Who killed Angel’s husband and why? And how can Callum protect Minette if she won’t trust him? A compelling parallel story you don’t want to miss!

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Happy Summer--Lyn Cote


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