Saturday, July 31, 2021

Lyn Cote Contemplates the Last Month of Summer

Foggy June morning

 Well, here we are starting August. I am a person who is much affected by the weather. I know some of you aren't. But I am.

I truly love summer and where I live it's short but lovely--usually around 75 degrees F by day with low humidity. Which is why it's a favorite resort area. So our little town swells with 20-30,000 visitors each week in the summer. The attraction: Within a 50 mile radius of my house are over 2000 lakes! And I live in a forest on one of those lakes between two national forests: the Chequamagon and Ottawa. 

Loon with babies in July

People I meet who live far south of me always say: "But you have SNOW." They sound as if it is a curse. Up here in the northwoods our reply is "But you have high humidity." Northwoods people HATE humidity. You would think since we're nearly surrounded by lakes, not to forget Lake Superior which is about an hour and a half due north of my house, that we would have humidity. Not so. 

July clouds

So is your summer long? What's it like? Which season do you enjoy the most where you live? Dislike the most? 

BTW, are you in the mood for a summer story? How about PRECARIOUS SUMMER?

Great suspense with a side of romance” PRECARIOUS SUMMER The story begins: Driving down the two-lane highway, Sheriff Harding yawned in the morning light. Today was the kickoff of the summer tourist season. And his first summer as sheriff. That must explain why he’d awakened this morning keyed up, yet groggy. Coffee, I just need coffee.

At this thought, the attractive image of a familiar tall blonde pouring fragrant coffee into his mug came to mind. But fortunately just ahead, the local gas station convenience store, flagged him down like a NASCAR pit crew. That’s right. I need gas, too. And I really don’t need her fancy coffee.

“Yes, but her fancy coffee is sooo good,” a persuasive voice whispered inside him.

Resolutely, he pulled in, up to a gas pump and got out. He reached for the gas nozzle, and then—BOOM! Jerking back, he looked around. From the rear of the store, flames leaped high…” 

So begins a summer filled with hidden traps, endangering  a small town and two people who deserve a second chance at love.

“A family drama, an arsonist, a romance, and more in this entertaining, well written book. Lyn Cote's characters so vividly portrayed, they are old friends by book’s end.”

“This book showed the power of faith, forgiveness, and acceptance.”

 If you want a “Book you can't put down and where the suspect and motive are not revealed until the end,” don’t miss PRECARIOUS SUMMER, Book 1 of 6 book series—Download it today! 

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