Monday, June 28, 2021

Minimalist Me, by Magdalena Scott

Photo by Daniel Ray on Unsplash

As a minimalist, I don't spend much time shopping. When I do shop, the process is complicated by my concerns for the environment. I'm also a list-maker, an overthinker, and, for what it's worth, a Libra (constantly weighing options).

In other words, life is easier if I avoid buying anything except for food and ebooks.

Last summer I finally took all of my photo albums out of the boxes in which they'd been stored for eight years, since my husband's death. In a local shop I stumbled upon an antique wardrobe that had been fitted with shelves. (Reusing = a win for the environment, plus most of my furniture is also vintage or antique.) The wardrobe is the perfect way to display photos in frames, and all of the albums fit inside too. Major bonus--when the doors are closed, nothing gets dusty. 

You'd think I wouldn't be buying another piece of furniture just 12 months later. But a few years after giving away my couch, this spring I decided to buy a daybed to serve as both living room seating and extra sleeping space when I have overnight guests. 

(Another thing about being a minimalist--I prefer items that can serve multiple purposes. Additional example: using pint jars as mini canisters, flower vases, freezer storage for soup, or for homemade iced coffee.)

Photo by Emily Rose on Unsplash

But back to the daybed...

I lucked into a cute metal daybed at a garage sale. Like the wardrobe, this is a win for the environment, since I'm reusing something that was manufactured several years ago. I ordered a mattress from a nearby manufacturer that doesn't use weird and perhaps not-so-healthful materials found in many mattresses.

The daybed has been a big hit. Drop-in guests enjoy it in couch mode. When I have overnight guests, they sleep in my bedroom on the double bed, and I'm comfy on the daybed's twin-size.

Selina, my cat, is also a fan. She seldom hangs out on the daybed alone, but she and I snuggle together to watch TV. Oh yeah, the snuggle factor is another reason we "needed" this daybed. 

I can also prop up in one corner and work on my current novel, or--ta da!--compose a blog.

Do you like antique or vintage items? Do you lean toward purchases that can serve a variety of functions?



  1. Magdalena -- Your first paragraph is me, right down to being a Libra.

  2. This sounds like a great way to live. I often buy things for more than one purpose. The other day I bought a coffee can that had a handle on the side so that I could use it later to store my home-made disinfectant paper towels.

    1. Yes, those coffee cans are useful! Good idea, Cindy!

  3. I love multi-purpose items. And I also LOVE glass jars. I use them for all sorts of things.

    1. It's nice that the jars' contents are also decorative. Double-win. :)