Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Bargain Sweet Romances for You!


Lyn Cote~Opposites Attract Special Collection

If you subcribe to Kindle Unlimited, the ebook subsciption service Amazon.com offers, this 4 book collection fo sweet romances is FREE! 
If not, it's $2.99 and that's for 4 books, each USUALLY priced $3.99 which TOTALS nearly $16 regularly. 

Four hurting couples find opposites do attract even  in the dark shadow of mystery~

Opposites do attract. And true love never runs smooth. That’s true in small towns and big city neighborhoods. Especially when mysteries intrude. Who is hacking into sensitive medical center records? Stealing valuable antiques? And why has a father of twin boys disappeared? These questions and more stress families already dealing with alcoholism, broken vows, and the loss of loved ones. But hope abounds. Faith can face anything. And love never fails. 

Only Her Heart Book 1
What will it take for a clueless computer genius to notice the loving woman at the desk beside him? And who is the hacker who is endangering lives?
The Heart Hopes Book 2
What could unite a disgruntled DA and the pretty teacher, responsible for his hung jury? Perhaps a little boy in need of love.
Two Hearts Denied Book 3
Each bearing a different heartbreaking past-a lovely, young lawyer and a hardened detective--what can break the barriers that stand between them and a future together? And can they find the missing father of two little guys?
A Heart of Stone Book 4
A baby girl’s future hangs in the balance and sparks a heart-rending mystery~Why Cash’s only sister willed guardianship of her baby to her best friend instead of him.
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Only 99¢

The Single Dad:
Ex-military man Derrick Richmond. Solitary and satisfied…until little Timmy was dropped into his lap and Derrick had to learn to be somebody's daddy.

The Single Woman:
Schoolteacher Anna Maxwell. Fate might have denied her a family of her own, but Anna still had plenty of love to give, if only someone would notice.

The Solution:
Anna would teach Derrick all he needed to know about kids. Father and son would give Anna some precious memories. Then the schoolteacher and the single dad would go their separate ways. Unless one little boy figured out a way to make Miss Maxwell become his mom!

Grab a copy for only $0.99!

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And here's another bargain--only $0.99 !!

Someone is targeting Kate's veterinary practice and her husband, who is now in the ICU. Can she discover the stranger's identity and stop him before it's too late?

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