Saturday, June 12, 2021

Celebrating Dads by Cindy Flores Martinez


If you’ve read enough books written by Sweet Romance Reads authors, you know many of them have swoon worthy dads within their pages. With Father’s Day coming soon, I think it’s the perfect time to celebrate the dads we love.

While doing research on the history of Father’s Day, I learned that the man who inspired the holiday, William Smart, was an amazing dad. When his wife died unexpectedly at a young age, he raised their six children on his own. His daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, wanted to honor him, so she worked to make Father’s Day a holiday in 1910.

During the first years that Father’s Day was celebrated, it wasn’t as popular as now, but as the role of fatherhood changed, so did the interest in celebrating dads.

Today's dads have inspired us to keep celebrating them. We are continually moved to bring them to life in the pages of our books.

To all the dads out there, thank you and Happy Father’s Day!

Cindy Flores Martinez is a USA Today bestselling author who writes sweet and Christian Romance. She has an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Screenwriting. Her debut novel, Mail-Order Groom, started as a screenplay and movie project, which she shopped around Hollywood, New York, and other parts of the world. You can learn more about her at


  1. Cindy, I never knew who was behind Father's Day. Thanks for the information

  2. Cindy, thanks for sharing the history of Father's Day.

  3. Interesting! What an amazing man. Thank you for this post, Cindy!