Sunday, September 1, 2019

Why Gladiolas are Special to Me by Lyn Cote

The photo above is meaningful to me because gladiolas in late summer bring back sweet memories of my mother. Her birthday was the first week of September. We lived at the edge of town with a farm across the road. They grew gladiolas and had a stand on the highway nearby every year. A dollar for a bunch of glads. My brother and I always saved our nickels and dimes and bought her a bouquet for her birthday. Her friends knew this and gave her the large glass vase in the photo to hold this yearly gift. Now do you have something such as gladiolas that bring back memories of a gift given or gift received? Please share.I really enjoyed hearing from you!--Lyn Cote

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  1. Beautiful memory, Lyn.I always try to keep some fresh flowers in my home, and recently planted a cutting garden. :)

  2. I remember my mom and my grandmother growing gladiolas. They are beautiful flowers. Off hand, I can't think of a special memory of a gift, but probably somewhere in the recesses of my mind there is one. :)