Friday, September 20, 2019

New Release and Special Pre-Order Offer - Jackie Castle

I'm sure you've seen the post about a new multi-author collection that will soon release. When I heard the idea of a secret angel group in a pretty small-town location, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write a story for this series.

But I had to be the oddball of the group. Nate is my hero and the only guy that was part of the high school Bible study group led by Charity. From the moment the story came to me, I knew it couldn't be any other way.

Nate Cooper has lost his heart and enthusiasm for his job, and pretty much life in general. Aside from his dog, Buster, he has fallen into a routine of powering through each day as a band teacher, then going home to his lonely cabin by the lake. He's wanted to advance at his work, but he keeps getting passed over.

Discouraged and disheartened, Nate is called to a reading of his old high school gal-pal's will. There, he meets up with a few others from the Bible study club. Charity had been a good friend who'd encouraged and helped him through his tough high school years. She'd always challenged him to go after his dreams.

Instead, Nate accepted the safe path of job security, teaching music, instead of playing it.

Now he's faced with a challenge of finding someone with a great need and meeting it with the $1500 that Charity has provided each of them. What a challenge, huh?

All of these books are currently on Pre-order for only .99¢. That's a great deal.

If you purchase my book or any of the others, please stop by my Story World blog and enter to win a snowflake ornament and a print copy of my small town romance, The Heart Collector. You do need to be in the U.S. to win this prize, but I'm also offering prizes to international readers. Go check it out. 

Want to check out the whole series? You can do that HERE.


More about Nate's Gift

Nate Cooper has lost his heart for his job and the holidays. After the death of a dear high school friend, Charity Hart, he’s called into the lawyer’s office, along with several other old school buddies and given a challenge. Take the $1500 and find someone to bless, but they must keep their gift a secret. After thinking over the challenge, Nate can find only one person who has a great need, except she’s an annoying thorn in his side at the school where he works.

Kara Shay is on the verge of losing everything she holds dear. Her drama class, a job she adores, and her chance at making a difference in the lives of the high schoolers she mentors and teaches. But Kara will not go down without a fight, and has a few resources up her sleeve, if only that annoying band teacher, Mr. Cooper, would give a little and stop being so obstinate.

Nate means well, but he has always taken the safer paths in his life. But helping the drama teacher is leading his heart into very unsafe territory.

Hope to see you over at my Story World blog. Happy Reading!
Jackie C.