Friday, September 27, 2019

Dogs Are Special by Margaret Daley

Dogs Are Special
By Margaret Daley

Actually, more than dogs are special. I love animals, but today I'm going to write about dogs because I’m writing a series, Everyday Heroes, that feature a dog from an arson detecting one to a therapy dog. The first book is called Hunted. The other books in the series are Obsessed, Trapped, and Kidnapped.

In my newest one called, Stolen, on pre-order, has a therapy dog called Bella, part bull terrier and corgi (after my granddaughters’ dog). With my newest one, Stolen, the hero, a police officer, has a therapy dog who helped him deal with a mind case of PDST from nearly dying in a shootout. Therapy dogs can calm a person down with their presence. When the therapy dog senses something is wrong, the canine can step in right away. They can sense when a panic attack is going to occur and try to calm the person down.

While researching this series, I was in awe with the types tasks therapy and service dogs can be trained to do. I have a bomb sniffing dog in Kidnapped that can sniff the air and follow the trail of a person carrying a bomb. In Hunted, the German shepherd, is a search and rescue dog. In Obsessed, the canine is an arson detecting dog. Not only can they find the accelerant site in a fire, but also, they can detect an accelerant on a person in the crowd watching the fire (often an arsonist likes to watch the fire after setting it).

Working as a teacher of students with special needs before I retired, I encountered a couple of service dogs. One named Franklin helped a student who was in a wheelchair while another was involved with a blind student. Have you ever encountered a therapy or service dog? Do you have a dog? What is your favorite breed of dogs?

Stolen, Book 5 in Everyday Heroes Series—on pre-order now and will release October 25th
By Margaret Daley
Second Chance. Stalking. Murder.
Dr. Sarah Collins, a counselor and single mom, is shaken to her core when one of her patients is murdered. While caring for the victim's young daughter and the crime's sole witness, Candy, Sarah's normally calm life becomes a nightmare from which she can't escape. Her terror further escalates when it becomes clear that whoever stabbed Candy's mother is still searching for something.   

Detective Nick Davidson is assigned to the case. When his best friend as a child was kidnapped and never found, Nick was determined to become a police officer. His job comes first in his life, but the mysterious murder challenges him. Even worse, his growing attachment to Sarah and the girls threaten to unravel the core of who he's always believed himself to be. How can he be a husband, father, and cop? Especially when if he lowers his guard to love, all of their lives may be lost. 
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  1. I love dogs and really enjoy stories that include them :)

  2. I love putting animals especially dogs and cats into stories.

  3. Dogs are such heroic and loyal friends! Sounds like a great series, Margaret.

  4. Our precious Roo was an Australian cattle dog. We lost her 2 years ago. She was a family member.

    STOLEN sounds very interesting, Margaret.

    1. Thanks, Donna. It's hard when we lose our family pets.

  5. So interesting, Margaret. I own a dog, a little shih tzu named Henry. Your books sound great!

  6. Many years ago, I had three shih tzus. One was the mama of the other two. They are the cutest puppies ever. We haven't had a dog for a long while.

  7. My cousins' granddaughter had a dog to help monitor her blood sugar because she has diabetes.

  8. Merrillee, I've heard about that. There are also dogs that can tell a seizure is about to happen.

  9. I love dogs, too. In awe of service dogs!