Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Lyn Cote Asks the April Question-Pinch or Recipe?

Are you a pinch cook? Or a recipe cook? Or a little of both? Or a non-cook? ‘-) 

I define a pinch cook as a cook who walks into the kitchen examines the ingredients in her pantry and fridge and comes up with a meal that she creates, kind of like a ‘play by ear’ musician. 

Or do you only like to cook from recipes that you carefully select from favorite cookbooks, family favorites or food show? Or both? Or not at all? I really want to know. And believe it or not--I will relate this to writing. Yes, I will. So which are you?

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Beautiful shore, dangerous season~
Audra Blair, a young single mom, has opened “Audra’s Place,” a coffee shop-bakery counting on the summer trade. Tourists flock to the shore of Lake Superior for summer fun~not booby traps that explode into flame. New Sheriff Carter Harding, still trying to live down his wild youth, faces this challenge and the hostility from Audra’s uncle. Can Audra and Carter break free of the past and have a future together? And will Carter crack the case before someone is severely injured or dies?

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  1. I love to cook. The trouble is, my husband's diet is very limited so I'm the only one who eats the meals I prepare. And on top of that, I find it impossible to cook for one. So whenever I do cook, I end up eating that casserole (or whatever) for days and days. lol

  2. I do both. I will also often tweak a recipe to make it more to my liking.

  3. I don't care for cooking. I consider it a chore that has to be done. I do both. It depends on what I'm cooking, but I think 75% of what I cook goes by the recipe.