Sunday, April 5, 2020

Being thankful, keeping busy... Roxanne Rustand

I hope this finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.  I am praying for all of us.  How are you managing these days?   What are you missing the most? Have you found some silver linings during this time of isolation? 

I miss seeing our kids and grandkids.  A lot.  But...we talk on the phone and text, and that will do for now.  I am just so grateful that they are all well, and not for the world would I want to risk that with visiting them. Today, our son and grands came out for a pony ride on Susie. It was so nice to watch-- but we kept our distance!

This morning I was curious about my naivete back at the beginning of 2020, before this all began, and  looked back at my January post here on Sweet Romance Reads. Not a glimmer of awareness about what was to come, though I have been using these goal setting steps to make the best use of my time while we shelter in place.

 I'm filled with anticipation as I look forward to a busy and (I hope)  productive year. 
Have you set any goals for 2020?  I don't mean New Year's resolutions, but concrete goals. A newsletter from a local doctor's office suggested the following:
      1. Make five short-term goals. Write "due dates" for each one 

    on your calendar. Add five more when those are done.
      2. Make five long-term goals.
      3. For each goal, list three action steps that you can take.
      4. Print this list of goals and post it where you can see it every


Have you been tackling projects large and small while trying to stay at home?   I've been making list after list, cleaning, sorting, discarding, and adding to the items to donate to a local mission or the Salvation Army store. The mountain is growing--reminding me that I should have been better about tackling these tasks all along. If I'd done that, I wouldn't be so eagerly awaiting the day when those places are once again open for donations!

Do you see this experience changing your attitudes and actions even after Covid-19 virus is eventually under control? 

I believe I will treasure time with relatives and friends even more. Be even more grateful for every day we are granted on this earth. But in the meantime, the sun is shining today, the grass turning green. There's a symphony of bird songs all around....and come evening, we'll again hear the lovely chorus of frogs. The renewal of spring is here, and Easter is just a short time away. 

Blessings to you all!

Roxanne Rustand


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  2. Roxanne, thank you for this lovely post. Gratitude is always in season, isn't it? {{hugs}}

    1. Thank you, Magdalena! I totally agree. Positive thoughts!

  3. Beautifully said, Roxanne. The sun is shining and the birds are singing in the Carolinas today, too.

  4. Yes, to almost all of the above. Last week I reorganized my bedroom closet, as my husband and I tackled a shelf in the pantry. Our pantry is a very deep cupboard so it's easy to loose things on it. LOL We found a few surprises.
    Grateful for so much, including the sunny days that allow us to get long walks. :)