Monday, October 14, 2019

Favorite Memories by Merrillee Whren

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to remember everything you've ever said or done? Wow! I suppose somewhere in ours brains all those memories might be lurking, but we can't bring them to the surface. When I decided to pick this topic, I realized I have a hard time picking favorites. When I'm asked about my favorite food, I can think of a half a dozen things I love to eat. Same thing with books and movies. There are so many to choose from. So how can I pick favorite memories. I can't. So I'll just share a few.

 Of course, my wedding day is a favorite memory. Here I am with my mom. She walked me down the aisle because my dad had passed away several years before. And sadly my mom passed away seven years later, so I love to remember her.

Christmases with the family. They are such wonderful memories.

And my granddaughters. Those memories are precious.

I could share pages and pages of memories, and I love to look through the photo albums or the photos on my computer and remember the things I've done and seen. When I write a book, I give my characters memories, some good, some bad. Always these memories shape my characters in some way just the same as our memories and experiences shape us.

What are some of your favorite memories?

Merrillee Whren is the winner of the 2003 Golden Heart Award presented by Romance Writers of American. She is married to her own personal hero, her husband of forty-plus years, and has two grown daughters. Connect with her on her Facebook page and sign up for her newsletter.


  1. I have a favorite Christmas memory from my childhood. We were traveling to CA. It was Christmas morning and we were stopped at a rest stop. My mom gave my sister and me our stockings to open. I remember one woman in particular standing at the front of our pickup, watching us the entire time and experiencing our joy with us. I was probably about ten and have never forgotten that lady or that morning.

  2. Kimberly, what a great memory. I'm sure that lady was experiencing your joy. And it's interesting the things we remember.

  3. How I meet my husband is a fond memory for me.

    1. Margaret, you should share how that came about. :)

  4. Memories of family are always precious, Merrillee. And, your wedding veil looks a lot like mine! Small world in so many ways.

  5. Sadly my wedding veil and dress became very yellowed, even though I had put it in a bag that was supposed to preserve it. So when we moved out to Arizona 7 years ago, I got rid of it. There was no sense in a yellowed dress and veil hanging in my closet. The pictures are good enough.