Saturday, October 5, 2019

RWA, NINC and the wonderful world of writers. And a drawing for a free book! Roxanne Rustand

Last week reminded me of just how much I love the writing community.

Back in 1993, I had my first experience with the wonderfully open, giving world of writers, when I began meeting with a very small group of aspiring writers.  I knew less than nothing--really--and had not a thought in my head about being published. I simply enjoyed the process of writing. But everyone was serious about writing. A mere social gathering it was not! We were learning together, honing our skills through detailed critiquing, and wanting each other to succeed. Lyn Cote was the most advanced and dedicated member of our group, and she taught me a lot!

  Later, when we learned about Romance Writers of America, an organization currently over 10,000 members, we began going to workshops, regional conferences and the national conferences, where there were chances to hear successful, multi-published authors sharing their knowledge about the writing process and the industry as a whole. It amazed me that these authors were so open and giving, wanting to help others be successful.  Not every successful professional group is that nurturing toward the upcoming generations in its field! Here is a photo of our little writing group at the 1995 RWA Conference in Hawaii--our first national conference. I was in awe of every author there!

Another wonderful group is Novelists Inc-- an organization of published authors.  My daughter (who helps me part-time as my author assistant) and I have just returned from the Novelists Inc annual conference in St. Pete's Beach, Florida.  Wow. Publishing industry professionals gave excellent presentations, and there were many, many outstanding workshops given by successful authors.  My spiral notebook had fifty pages of notes by the time the conference was over.  Yet another example of just how giving and open authors are toward each other, rather than guarding their knowledge. This is a photo from our balcony.

Have you had a similar experience in your own profession? Or in a social or church group? I'd love to give someone an e-copy of my novel Summer at Briar Lake. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post to be entered in the drawing!

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful fall!

Roxanne Rustand


  1. I really enjoyed NINC this year and learned a lot.

    1. It was so nice to see you and say hello at a workshop!

  2. You are so right, Roxanne. Authors are so sharing and giving and supportive of one another.

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