Sunday, October 20, 2019

New Sweet Romance Release by Jackie Castle

It started with a condition in their father's will. Jack Kelly had a happy, successful life, then tragedy struck and he lost his wife in an accident. As he watches his five sons grow into men, they've also found success in their own rights, but something major is missing in each of their lives.

True love. A family of their own. Contentment.

The Kelly brothers now have a big problem: according to their father's will, all five of them must be married by Christmas or risk losing the charity they started with their father, along with their portion of the billion-dollar family fortune.

Up against seemingly insurmountable odds, J.J., Seth, Ryan, Clark, and Parker are not men who will back down from a fight. Each book is a clean romantic adventure in how the brothers deal with the challenge of saving their livelihoods and their hearts.

My story - Her Quiet Billionaire Groom

An impossible demand. A woman who hates him. Could they get a Christmas miracle?

Expert animal trainer, Seth Kelly, has put everything into his animal rescue charity on the Kelly Brother Ranch in Colorado. When his father suddenly passes, Seth is completely blindsided. He’s even more blindsided when his father’s will demands that he and his four brothers get married by Christmas or lose their inheritance and their charities. Yeah, right—he will not lose his charity! Online dating sites, here he comes!

All Noelle Combs wants is to take her relationship coaching blog and turn it into a regular television show. And she has the chance, too—if she can figure out a way to take the stars of her blog—two, rowdy, uncontrollable Great Danes—and tame them enough to be manageable on the show. Good thing her agent finds her the perfect animal trainer. Bad thing –it’s the man who broke her heart five years ago.

When Noelle turns into Seth’s relationship coach, and Seth can’t believe he ever let this woman go, sparks fly. Now they are faced with a choice: forgive or walk away and lose the only true love they ever had.

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Do you enjoy series that are written by different authors, but center around a commonplace or family? I'd love to know your thoughts on multi-author series and book collections in the comments below.


 Jackie Castle looks for the extraordinary in every ordinary day. She writes both romance and fantasy books. Her adventures include working as a hairstylist, to her bravest quest: teaching children in daycare and elementary schools. Eventually, she settled down to a somewhat safer pursuit of being a Story-weaver. 

Find out more about her shenanigans over at Jackie Castle's Story World: There you can also sign up for her monthly newsletter.


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