Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Meet Laura Ashwood

Hello and happy fall! My name is Laura Ashwood and I am excited and blessed to be a new author here at Sweet Romance Reads.  I thought I'd let you get to know me a little today and hopefully you'll tell me a bit about yourself in the comments too.

My husband and I live in northern Minnesota, about an hour from Duluth. We have four adult children and two grandchildren that we adore when we are able to see them.

My day job is with the University as an executive administrative assistant. I commute 65 miles each way to work so I have a deep fondness for audio books and podcasts.

The photo on the right was taken in our back yard two weeks ago. That tree is bare now and yes, that is a sasquatch in the background, a gift from my husband. Fun fact about me: I LOVE sasquatches. We live 20 miles from the closest...well...anything. The closest town to us has a population of 162 and we do not have Wi-Fi access at our house unless we use our cellular mobile hotspot. It's quiet and peaceful though and we love it.

When I'm not writing or working (or driving lol), I love to cook and craft. My husband and I enjoy spending time outdoors on our property and fishing some of the local lakes (Minnesota has 10,000 to choose from!). I am a coffee and Hallmark Christmas movie addict and I have two chihuahuas that are spoiled beyond belief.

I dreamt of being a writer all my life but really just started writing seriously last year. I am an active member of my local RWA Chapter, as well as two online chapters: Contemporary Romance Writers and From the Heart Romance Writers. My short story, Second Chances, was published in an anthology by my local chapter last year. I was blessed to have been selected by Sweet Promise Press to write in their Celebrity Corgi Romances series and my first novel, Romancing the Royal was published through them this past summer. I write contemporary and historical sweet/inspirational romance and have a contemporary inspirational and two historical pioneer romances slated to publish in 2020 (so far).

Romancing the Royal is book 3 of The Celebrity Corgi Romances and available on Amazon and is free in Kindle Unlimited. It, and the rest of the series, is a sweet romance.

Now that you know a little about me, I'd love for you to tell me a little about you! Do you have pets? Do you like Hallmark Christmas movies too?

Thank you!
Laura Ashwood


  1. Welcome Laura, so glad to have you join the group. =)

  2. A sincere welcome, Laura! You will love it here. And, I'm a member of FTH, also. :)

  3. Welcome, Laura! I can't imagine commuting so far. I imagine you've listed to a lot of books and podcasts. :)
    I live in Oregon and work from home so no commute.

    1. Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to work from home! No WiFi makes that impossible. LOTS of audiobooks LOL

  4. Welcome to Sweet Romance Reads, Laura.

  5. Welcome, Laura. We're glad you're here.

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