Sunday, October 27, 2019

Does a Date Have a Special Meaning for You? By Margaret Daley #sweet romance

Has a date had a special meaning to you? I chose to blog on the twenty-seventh each month because it is the date of my birthday in April, but it is also special to me because it is my father’s and younger brother’s date of their births. As I hunted what has occurred on April 27th, I learned Ronald Reagan was shot on that day, Apollo 16 returns to earth, Ulysses Grant was born, John Milton sells his book, Paradise Lost, for 10 pounds, and Beijing students took over Tiananmen Square in China. You can go on the Internet and put your birthday in and ask what happened on that date. It was interesting to see what did through the years.

For October 27th some of the events that occurred are:
Boss Tweed was arrested for corruption in New York City. (1871)
20,000 women marched in a suffrage parade in New York City. (1917)
Groucho Marx premieres on ABC radio. (1947)
James Dean and Natalie Wood starred in a Rebel Without a Cause and it was released. (1955)
U.S. performs a nuclear test in Nevada Test Site. (1962)

New Release:

Stolen, Book 5 in Everyday Heroes Series
By Margaret Daley
Second Chance. Stalking. Murder.
Dr. Sarah Collins, a counselor and single mom, is shaken to her core when one of her patients is murdered. While caring for the victim's young daughter and the crime's sole witness, Candy, Sarah's normally calm life becomes a nightmare from which she can't escape. Her terror further escalates when it becomes clear that whoever stabbed Candy's mother is still searching for something.   

Detective Nick Davidson is assigned to the case. When his best friend as a child was kidnapped and never found, Nick was determined to become a police officer. His job comes first in his life, but the mysterious murder challenges him. Even worse, his growing attachment to Sarah and the girls threaten to unravel the core of who he's always believed himself to be. How can he be a husband, father, and cop? Especially when if he lowers his guard to love, all of their lives may be lost. 

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  1. 27 is my favorite number, too. My birthday is September 27 and our daughter's is February 27.

    1. Another reason for me to love the date 27th. How neat! Feb. 27th was my father's birthday.

  2. So interesting, Margaret. Many dates have special meaning for me, but none on the 27th. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I chose the 14th of the month because I was married on February 14, and it's also Valentine's Day. I discovered that two states were admitted to the union on February 14. Oregon, the 33rd state, in 1859 and Arizona, the 48th state, in 1912.