Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dashing through the...holidays! By Magdalena Scott

Does it seem to you that we're dashing through the holidays? Or, as I've muttered a few times since early October, galloping toward Christmas?

As a minimalist and an introvert who also has anxiety issues - yay! - I can get overwhelmed this time of year. Although this feeling doesn't usually pop up until December, it already happened once, last week, when I hit a proverbial wall.

With my heart beating like a hammer, I realized I couldn't do everything on the Thanksgiving week list. So I had to skip two events. I was fortunate to attend several others, cook for and spend time with loved ones (but not all extended family, because even though it looks like there's more than plenty of me, I could not spread myself that thin), and do some necessary but not-so-fun things like go to doctor appointments with a friend, and learn from my son how to change out a toilet handle lever. (I am that widow whose husband always did such stuff for her. And really, since my son was the teacher, it did turn out to be fun. Even though we had to wade through Black Friday shoppers to buy the piece we needed. But I digress.)

Back to the galloping...

Here are a few things - alphabetized, of course - that you and/or I may be doing this month:

Basketball games
Church - attending, decorating, participating, singing, serving
Christmas parade
Choir concert
Cooking and serving meals at home
Decorating indoors
Decorating outdoors
Madrigal dinner and concert
Orchestra concert
Pitch-in meals - preparing for, attending, eating, cleaning up after
Romances - reading
Shopping for gifts
Shopping for groceries
Shopping for more groceries (tell me I'm not the only one who forgets things and has to go back)
Shopping for something to wear to parties (see above)
Songs, holiday - singing along with, remembering wrong, singing louder to cover up error
Theater productions, professional or amateur - preparing or attending
Videos, seasonal - bingeing
Visiting Santa
Wrapping gifts
Writing - Christmas letters, Christmas novels, beach reads, blogs...

Do you get overwhelmed during the holidays? 

I'm sure I haven't listed everything. No way could I have cobbled together a complete list. And yet, this incomplete one is pretty darn long. What are some things on your Priority-Do-Not-Miss List?

Are you like me, and occasionally have to step back and reassess? If so, what helps you create a more peaceful season?

Magdalena Scott


  1. As always, a beautiful and thoughtful blog, Magdalena. Yes, I've already begun to reassess some of the many activities slated for this upcoming month.

  2. This year I'm having surgery so my Christmas will be very different--quiet. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sometimes quiet is the best Margaret! Prayers for a successful surgery, and quick recovery!

  3. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the season. My house is a mess right now while I get my Christmas decorations up. It's a big task, but I love it when it's finished. This year I'm only putting up one tree instead of two because we are going away. My granddaughter asked me why I was putting up decorations when I wasn't going to be here for Christmas. I told it I enjoy it.

    1. Enjoy your decorating, and your holiday travel, Merrillee!

  4. I've already started shopping for gifts. It's amazing how busy this time of year can become.

    1. People who shop super early always amaze me. Have a fun holiday, Cindy!

  5. I agree, Magdalena... it's been a gallop toward the holidays! Wishing you a beautiful season with a little time for some peace on earth. :)