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Dina Griffin flees a dangerous situation and ends up in Ocean City, Maryland where she hopes to spend the holidays in hiding. Trusting no one, she wants only one thing this Christmas—to feel safe.

Officer Gav Thomas is certain there’s something Dina isn’t telling him about her visit to his seaside town, so he devises a means to stick close to the vulnerable beauty.

But trouble arrives at Dina’s doorstep, bringing with it stark-raving fear and the realization that she must place her trust in someone. Is Gav really just a local cop… or is he Dina’s guardian angel?

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Serena always loved Christmas, but her favorite holiday season only brings on heartache after her groom-to-be runs off with another woman only a week before her December wedding. Giving back the wedding gifts and enduring the humiliating gossip in her small town proves to be too much for the quiet librarian who’d been the brunt of nerd jokes in high school, and Serena leaves town—only to return a year later determined to take back her life, her pride, and her joy in Christmas.

Damien has his own reasons for hating Christmas. No sweet and silly stuff for this handsome Scrooge, who hurls himself into extreme sports, almost daring nature to break through his hard shell. So why does he find his icy heart melting when confronted with the timid librarian whose sweet smile haunts his dreams?

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Book One of Northern Intrigue series

Winter's Secret

In a small Wisconsin town, winter brings a series of disturbing crimes. With God’s help, can sheriff Rodd and nurse Wendy crack the bone-chilling mystery — and the secrets of their own hearts?

Welcome to Steadfast, Wisconsin, a small town whose people and mysteries you may never forget~
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