Monday, November 5, 2018

Montana Mistletoe...and a free book. Roxanne Rustand

Happy November!

Every year, I look ahead to this time of year--the kaleidoscope of fall colors, the fun of seeing our grandkids Trick or Treat, then after that the days seem to speed up and it's suddenly Thanksgiving and then Christmas, before I can scarcely catch my breath.  Does the time seem to speed by faster and faster for you, too?

This year the holiday mood struck a bit quicker though, because I have a November Love Inspired release, MONTANA MISTLETOE.  When my boxes of advance author copies arrived on my doorstep last month, with pretty and festive cover art, it jarred me into earlier holiday planning than ever before!
Pssst...if you leave a comment, you will be in a drawing for a free e-copy of that book.  :)

I love planning holiday menus and figuring out who can join us.  It's wonderful having a crowd, and I love to cook!  Do you? Do you have favorites that you make every year? It is not Thanksgiving at our house, without my mom's buttery sage dressing. :)  And pies.  Lots and LOTS of pies!

Have you started any holiday preparations yet? Meal planning, Christmas shopping, writing Christmas cards?  Millennials don't seem to be on the same page as the older I wonder if Christmas cards will eventually become a thing of the past. Maybe they already are...we see far more family photos instead.  But that's always a delight, getting to see the littler relatives growing up!

I would love to hear about the plans you have for the upcoming holidays!

Roxanne Rustand

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November, 2018


  1. We do the big meal at Thanksgiving and do only soups and sandwiches at Christmas - but those 4 dozen eggs still need to be made into noodles, thankfully the grands love to help with that chore

  2. What a beautiful cover!
    Margaret Daley

  3. Hi Roxanne!
    I have to say, I agree with you completely. I keep saying, you can’t say “Slower Then Christmas” because we just had Christmas, didn’t we? lol 😂
    This has been a hard year for us. My husband had open heart surgery and now we are in the process of trying to move. With that said, our plans are not made yet. 😔
    I can remember the days when we had the whole family either at our house or my parents, who are both gone now, what a festive time we had. We would all get up and have a family breakfast. Then we would gather around the Christmas tree and there would be no presents opened until grandad (my husband) read the Christmas story out of his grandad’s bible.
    Then the presents were handed out in a organized manner, until about the third round, and then the madness began. Toys in stacks, paper scattered everywhere and the smells of turkey baking, ham being carved, pies and wassail. Oh, the days were glorious. Now, children want to be home on Christmas morning. Sons having to work and so on. I pray that we can do that again, not just at funerals, but for the joyous times.
    Now with our five children, one being a grandpa himself, we have grown so large. We have 5 children, 1girl and 4 boys, 12 grandchildren, 6 boys and 6 girls and one great grandson.
    And I’m rambling on. Sorry!
    May you and yours have a wonderful and blessed
    thanksgiving and Christmas. 🎅🏻
    Christmas is a grand and glorious time of year! The birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior! Praise God!

  4. I love getting my sons in the kitchen for holidays. We have lots of tried and true recipes we always come back to. Congrats on your new release!

  5. Love the cover! We'll be visiting our kids.

  6. Gorgeous and festive cover, Roxanne. We'll be spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Hilton Head, SC, with family.

  7. I have some Christmas cards to get done and ready to mail soon. I'm not sure what my husband and I will be doing this year for the holidays. Since both of my parents have passed away and my mother-in-law has passed away, it will depend if my father-in-law is up to having company or if he will be spending it with one of my husband's other siblings. Lady year we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with friends and I know on Thanksgiving I cooked a Turkey and a ham but only Ham on Christmas. I miss the old traditions I grew up with but it's been fun creating new traditions for the holiday.
    I love the cover of you new release.

  8. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas! We make a happy birthday Jesus cake with a nativity on top. All the kids sing and blow out the candles.

  9. Love the cover! I've started meal planning for Thanksgiving. I plan to send Christmas cards every year, but somehow never actually get them done.

  10. A beautiful cover. Love Christmas stories.

  11. I love the cover! I am already planning our feast! Maybe you could share your mom’s dressing recipe!