Monday, November 19, 2018

The time I rescued a goat - by Jeanette Lewis

Hi Bookworms!

I grew up on a dairy farm with plenty of cows, horses, chickens, turkeys, pigs, and even llamas. But we never had goats or sheep. My dad always said they made too much mess.

Fast forward many years later after I was married and settled down with four kids. I was driving home from a meeting one night and saw something running down the middle of the road. As I got closer, I realized it was a goat.

Now, this is suburbia. Loose dogs and cats? All the time. Loose rabbits or the occasional turtle? Sure. (Side note: I have also rescued a very large turtle, but that's another story.) But a goat? Not likely.

The poor thing was obviously very scared and I could see it was wearing a collar with a bit of chewed up rope on the end. So I hurried home and grabbed the dog's leash, then took my daughters with me to find the goat. It hadn't gone far and when we approached, it trotted over and let me hook the leash to its collar, then jumped into the backseat of my car like it was right at home. It was a cute little amber colored thing and my kids loved it.

The dog? Not so much. She freaked out and lost her goat privileges immediately.

The goat spent the night in our garage eating lettuce and Animal Control came and picked it up the next day. No one ever tried to claim it so after a month, we got the chance to adopt it and clearly, there was only one place it could go ... the farm.

My dad took to him immediately. He named the goat Buster and they are best buddies. He follows Dad everywhere and bosses the cows and horses around. He jumps all over the haystacks and literally lives in a house made of food, so he's put on some weight. For us, no visit to the farm is complete without stopping by to check on Buster. He is little, but mighty and was part of the inspiration for the goat wrestling scene in my Christmas romance, Feels Like Love.

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  1. Such a sweet, heartwarming story, Jeanette. So glad the goat found a good home. :)

  2. Love the story about Buster.
    Margaret Daley

  3. Thank you for sharing your sweet, HEA goat story, Jeanette - and the info about "Feels Like Love." Such fun!

  4. Great story, Jeanette! I've never met a goat-except in a petting zoo!