Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A New Christmas Romance by Milou Koenings

It's my last release of 2018 and it's a Christmas romance!

Do you love holiday romances as much as I do?  I could watch a Hallmark or Netflix Christmas romance every single night, if only I had the time. And my Kindle is full of holiday romance novels. 

My favorites are the ones that take place in friendly small towns, with lots of loving friends and quirky family around. It's also the kind of story I like to write. (And yes, I admit it, I dream of watching my own books as Hallmark or Netflix movies one day.)

So even though my release last month was also a Christmas story, here's another one!

The Mistletoe Bachelor Auction is book 6 in the Green Pines Romance series. Each story in the series is a standalone book, although there are many recurring characters as the stories all take place in the same small town.

The mistletoe bachelor auction romance cover
When a supermodel with a string of bad news boyfriends “wins” a volunteer firefighter at a charity bachelor auction, Rose and Ryan might both discover they’ve found their perfect Christmas match.

A fun, wholesome, small-town romance holiday tale.

"A movie perfect love story!" -- Amazon Reviewer

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A twist of fate and Annie's unexpectedly on her way to Africa for Christmas. Next to her on the plane, a man in a tuxedo. What kind of guy flies in a tux? Annie's about to find out—and discover things about herself that will flip her world upside down.

A delightful, heartwarming Christmas novella.

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  1. Gorgeous cover, Milou, and great book. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful cover!
    Margaret Daley

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