Saturday, December 1, 2018

Lyn Cote-What I Never Told My Editor~

Lyn Cote here-I’m usually a forth-coming person, honest and frank, but some words are hard to say. And over a decade ago when I signed a contract for a new four-book historical inspirational series, I was told that the publisher had already chosen the title for the series. Okay--it was fine. I got busy and started writing. I’d been writing contemporaries and now I was writing my first love, historicals again. And writing a series of four generations of women in one family spanning the 20th century was a dream come true. I was pumped. The first book came out and I decided to google the series and see if anyone had noticed it.

That’s when the AWFUL TRUTH was revealed. Evidently my publisher HAD NOT googled the title. Imagine my horror--when my inspirational romance series shared a name with a PORN SITE--boasting the most beautiful women on the net. ACK!!! After some thought, I decided NOT to let my editor know. Evidently she never googled it so we never had an uncomfortable conversation. Some words are better left unsaid. 

I’ve renamed the series: “The Carlyle Women” and the last of the four ebooks (also each with a new title) Blurb: A troubling secret separates Leigh from her daughter Carly. After surviving a childhood trauma, Carly is driven to test herself, trying to be free of the past she doesn’t understand. In 1990, instead of going off to college at seventeen as expected, Carly does the completely unexpected. She enlists in the army. Her mother cannot reconcile her daughter’s choice with her memories of the Vietnam era.

Arriving at bootcamp, Carly realizes she will finally get the challenge she has always wanted--to prove to herself that she need be afraid no more. The end of the 1980’s brings another worldwide event that swallows Carly. As the battle lines form, Carly will face death and more--the revelations of the past. And in the end all four generations will confess their secrets and sins. Will they find forgiveness? Reconciliation? Or will their family shatter?

The Carlyle Women-four generations, 
each facing the challenges of her time 
and each harboring her own painful secret~

What Love Is, is debuts today, Dec 1st. If you’d like more info, here’s the link. 


  1. Thanks for sharing. You never know what you'll find when you google something.
    Margaret Daley

  2. What, what a tale, Lyn. You never know what will come up on the internet. Best wishes with the series!

  3. Yes, we never know till we GOOGLE!

  4. That was an interesting story. You series sounds wonderful.

  5. What a shock that must have been, Lyn!!
    But how wonderful this series is again available!