Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy New Year!

For most of us, the packages have all been unwrapped by now. Christmas with the family is over. Another Christmas is in the books and a new year is on its way.

A brand new year is on its way. What will 2019 bring?

At this time of the year, I look forward to a new year with anticipation because it feels as if anything is possible. We have a whole 365 days to accomplish our dreams and fulfill the ones that didn’t take place in 2018. It’s reenergizing and a bit like starting a new book.

Each time I sit down to write a new book it can be daunting, but also exciting. Writing that first chapter I usually have the story idea in mine, although I’m not much on outlining. But it never fails, as the story develops, it never quite ends the way I had in mind. The characters have a way of swaying the story to fit their wishes.

So as we look toward the New Year that is ahead of us, anything is possible. Where will your wishes take you?
Happy New Year!

Mary Alford


  1. Mary,
    So true that the characters will sway the book, and the first chapter is always daunting. I wish for peace and happiness for my friends and family. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year, Mary! Yes, it's exciting to think of the possibilities ahead!