Thursday, July 30, 2015

Dedicated to a True Lion King

If you’re like me, you’re absolutely sick over the death of Cecil the Lion. It’s a sad thing to see such a beloved animal killed for sport. You can’t avoid hearing or reading about it because it’s all over the news. Social media is currently bombarded with the story and pictures of the beautiful cat. A lot of people are posting about him on Facebook and many are saying that the animal’s cruel killing is bothering them so much they can’t stop thinking about it. Me, too. Why? Because he trusted humans (to a certain extent) and one broke that trust. Now we must all live with the sorrow of that tragedy.

So, why do we love animals so much? Why is Facebook and other social media bombarded with pictures of our beloved pets? I can’t answer that question for others, but I can tell you why I’m so attached to mine. I love my pets because they love me—unconditionally. I love having them with me all the time and I love taking care of them. Even though most of my pets have passed away, their love is still in my heart.
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I once had a white kitty that had to have both ears removed due to skin cancer and I suffered just as much over it as she did. To this day, I still get emotional when I think of her. (Timeout for a Kleenex here…)

Pooh Bear before losing both ears
Have you hugged your pet today? If not, go and do it right now. And when you come back, post a picture of your current pet or one in memory of a beloved pet that has passed on.

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Denise Devine is a USA TODAY bestselling author who has had a passion for books since the second grade when she discovered Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. She wrote her first book, a mystery, at age
Sadie is in my next story.
thirteen and has been writing ever since. She lives on six wooded acres in East Bethel, Minnesota with her husband, Steve and her problem (feline) children, Babygirl and Tigger. She’s presently a cat person, but she loves all animals and they often find their way into her books.
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  1. Every signing I do with my 6 foot banner of Merry Christmas, Darling gets lots of attention. People come up to me and tell me about their pets. A lot of people are "shelter only" owners.

  2. We had a dog from the pound that lived to be almost 18 years old. He was a little black terrier mix named Pepper. We also had a one-eyed kitty named Allie. She lost her eye due to an ulcer.

    1. My little Sadie died at 17. She was from the pound, too.

  3. Thanks for this wonderful post, Denise. I think when we're all caught up in our head, animals bring us back to our heart.

  4. I don't understand the mindset of trophy hunters. Why would you want to kill a beautiful animal and pose next to the corpse? Makes no sense.