Monday, June 1, 2015

Lyn Cote Asks--Do You Enjoy Fresh New Sweet Romances?

So--Do You Enjoy Fresh New Sweet Romances?

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If you're still not convinced, here are the beginnings (teases) of the three brand new short-short romances which will be in the June 30th Summer Reads issue:

The Start of an Interesting Summer
By Shaleen Kapil

Veronique reclined on her chair in order to put her feet up on the desk. She’d spent the morning helping Mrs. Olms clean her refrigerator, had subbed in for the usual chair yoga instructor, and called three rounds of bingo. Being the do-all director of the retirement housing building meant being flexible. Veronique ended up with all the tasks that didn’t fall under the contracts of the nursing, maintenance, or cooking staff. Every day brought its own challenges.
Expecting one of the residents again—a vet who enjoyed stopping by to tell her his “war stories,” really stories about him and his friends getting into trouble in the air force—Veronique stayed were she was. But when the door opened revealing a handsome man, closer to her own age than her grandfather’s, Veronique fell backward in surprise. She hit the floor on her back with a whoosh, knocking the breath out of her.

I hope Veronique recovers quickly, don’t you?

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What’s in a Name This Summer?
By Beate Boeker

I still can't believe that my whole life changed because of a pair of flip-flops. On my way to Myrtle beach, on the little sandy road that leads straight through the dunes and down to the pier, I discovered them. On a display chock-full of colorful flip flops, and this particular pair was bright blue with a golden glittery effect which changed with the light plus they had a pattern on the sole that would leave a trail of flowers behind you. The flipflops just laughed  and said, “Buy me.” 

These flip-flops were made for walking and I wonder who they will run into?

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What’s a Man to Do?
By Magdalena Scott

Joe McClain came home. Theresa was busy at the stove, and the kids were arguing upstairs--the usual. Today’s mail had been dumped on the counter.
“Hey, Babe.” He kissed his wife’s neck, and she stiffened.
Whoa. Frost warning in the middle of summer.
Theresa turned toward him, her brow furrowed. “Did you see the mail?”
“Uh. Yeah...” He glanced nervously at the pile he’d ignored. A moment later he unearthed the postcard from his brother David and his wife. It showed a breathtaking view of the Caribbean. “Theresa, are you jealous of them for their vacation?”

What do you think and what’s a fella to do with this frost warning?
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