Sunday, June 7, 2015

Moving to the Country by Shaleen Kapil

I live 6 miles from downtown. Most of you might not think of me as being out in the country, but for this city girl, I might as well be smack in the middle of the wilderness (except I have quick access to the grocery store).

I used to live over 20 miles from downtown Houston, in the absolute stereotype of planned suburbia. None of our parks were what I’d really call “natural” (although we did still have alligators in them). My house was on less than 1/3 acre, with grass and a good view of the neighbors.

Today, I look across the street through my study windows and see nothing but forest. (Okay, yes, I still have some grass.) Out back is similar as I see a rolling hill and all the houses back there are hidden by trees.

The day after I moved in, a deer came to welcome us hello from our living room window. The moving guys captured a snake for my kids to see. We also have a resident hare and armadillo. We keep wondering what animal we will see next. I’m hoping for a fox or bald eagle.

Shaleen is a new resident of the Sunshine State. If you don't find her at her desk, look for her fixing up her new house or at the beach. Find out more at or Like her on Facebook.

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1 comment:

  1. Country living is great. I live an hour from downtown in an outlying suburb with designated wildlife areas all around me. Have no plans to move--ever!