Friday, June 12, 2015

Baby Watch by Aileen Fish

This grandma is on baby watch! He's not due until the 20th, but his big sister came a week late, so I might have a long wait. I commented to my daughter that I'm sure it'll feel longer to her, but I'm getting antsy to meet the new guy!

In the meantime, I keep myself busy buying boy clothes. That's a new experience on my side of the family since my brother and I each had two girls. As much as I love my daughters, nieces and granddaughter, I'm so excited to find out how little boys think.

What is it about buying tiny clothes that's such fun? Is it hormonal, do you think? A nesting instinct for mothers and grandmas? Whatever it is, I'm taking advantage until he's big enough I can buy toy race cars. (Please let him love racing!)

With sleep sacks it wasn't much different to shop for a boy rather than a girl, except I could look for different colors.

The fun came with onesies and pants. I also bought some fabric to make a shirt for him and a matching skirt for his big sister, but I haven't finished those yet.

Do you enjoy the baby clothes department as much as I do? Whether you're shopping for a relative's or a friend's baby, I think maybe the promise of the future and life going on adds to the fun. What do you think?


USA Today Bestselling Author Aileen Fish is an avid quilter and auto racing fan who finds there aren't enough hours in a day/week/lifetime to stay up with her "to do" list. There is always another quilt or story begging to steal away attention from the others. When she has a spare moment she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and their families, and her fairy princess granddaughter. Her books include The Bridgethorpe Brides series and the Small Town Sweethearts series.

Stay up to date with book releases at her website or on Facebook and Twitter: @aileenfish


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  1. Aileen, babies are such fun, and shopping for them makes it even more fun. No boys in our family, and my granddaughters are definitely out of baby clothes now, but it's still fun to shop for them.

  2. Congratulations!! What exciting times you are having right now. Best wishes!

  3. I also love looking at the teensy weensy shoes...and teensy weensy socks that look like shoes! Not sure why but I'm always drawn to those. :)

    So far I have two grand-cats. Fun, but in a different way. Have a blast with the new grand-guy, Aileen!

  4. Thank you all! I guess he heard how excited I was, as he arrived less than a day after I posted this. The wait is over!