Sunday, June 14, 2015

June Weddings by Merrillee Whren

June is often a month for weddings. Of course, people get married at all times of the year. Just for fun I thought I'd share some family wedding photos and have a little contest. You need to guess the month in which the wedding takes place. There is one June wedding. Two are in February. Two are in September. The rest are scattered throughout the year. The person who gives the most correct answers will receive a ten dollar Amazon gift card and copies of two of my books.

I'll start with the oldest wedding. The photo below is one of my parents.
The next is a photo from my in-law's wedding. Do you suppose the photographer told them not to smile?
This one is my husband and I. Can you guess in which decade this wedding took place?
We have two daughters, and the younger one got married first on the beach near our home, and we had the reception at our house.
Our older daughter also got married at the beach and had her reception at our house. Besides the beach there are some huge oak trees nearby, and they made a beautiful backdrop for some photos.
My youngest brother got married in Las Vegas only because his bride lived there. They got married in the church she attended there.That's my husband and I with them.
The next one is a photo of one of my nephews when he got married.
This next photo comes from the wedding of my husband's cousin. When we attended her wedding in Arizona, I never dreamed that I would eventually live in that state.

Jump in and take a guess about the months of the weddings. They will definitely be guesses. You might find a hint about some of the weddings on my personal blog

What do you like most about weddings?

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  1. I like seeing the brides from the oldest to the youngest ones. different clothes and attitudes in pics. thanks for sharing

  2. Not sure what happened to the comment I posted yesterday and can't remember all my answers but I'll try again.
    Your parents - June as you said it was near the end of WWII which ended 9/2/45. I think June weddings were even more popular back then.
    Your in-laws - September
    Yours - February 14th
    Youngest daughter - May because you said one daughter was May and the other October
    Older daughter - October because of your comment about the oak trees
    Youngest brother - February
    Nephew - September
    Husband's cousin - July