Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lyn Cote Asks: Did You Miss It?

Have you signed up for our newsletter yet? Our debut issue went out a few days before Christmas and featured three great flash fiction stories.

Our Sweet Romance Reads enewsletter comes out three times a year: Valentine's Day, Summer and the December holiday issue.

Each issue features sweet romance flash fiction, delightful stories that will warm your heart.  

Here are two samples of the start of two of the Valentine issue.

Sample #1

 Lucky Break Valentine’s Day by Patricia Forsythe

     Sometimes he felt like he’d created a monster.  

    Steven Franklin, known as Red to everyone because of his hair color, stood in front of Franklin’s Emporium and looked up and down Lucky Break’s main street.  Every shop, store, and restaurant on Shipper Avenue was so decorated for Valentine’s Day, it made his teeth hurt.

 The town always made a big push to attract tourists for every possible holiday.  As mayor, he’d had the idea and it had paid off, but sometimes the excess just made him tired.  He knew he might feel differently if he and his wife Zoe had another focus in their life, like kids.  They had been married for ten years but had never had children.  They were either at the store working, or pursuing one of Zoe’s many artistic endeavors – ballroom dancing being her latest craze.

    As if his thoughts had conjured her, Zoe came up behind him and slipped her arms around his waist.  “Hi honey.  How was the city council meeting?”  

TO BE CONTINUED IN OUR VALENTINE ISSUE. I wonder if Zoe really wants to talk about the city council meeting or something quite different????


Sample #2

                      The Beauty and the Beast by Margaret Daley

Cara Remington drove into her garage, turned off her engine and sagged back against the seat. She didn’t want to get out and see the foot-long scratch on her new cherry red sports car someone kindly left for her to discover when she came out of the school after a LONG day of teaching. Obviously one of her students was showing his appreciation for all the hours she put in preparing the lesson on Macbeth.
What more can go wrong today? TO BE CONTINUED IN OUR VALENTINE ISSUE. I wonder if what more could go wrong might include a handsome new neighbor and his Great Dane? <g>

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PS- About the photo of the strawberry dessert above--In our upcoming newsletter will be news of our latest group endeavor--Recipes of Love, Romantic Recipes by Sweet Romance Reads --A COOKBOOK!-What do you think about that?-Lyn Cote


  1. I'm exciting about seeing the cookbook! Thanks so much for your work on the e-ewsletter, Lyn. Wonderful! Oh--and the foodphoto made me hungry for that very thing, and it's 5 am! :)

  2. the link to the newsletter seems to be broken.

    1. Did you go up and find the Heading MAILING LIST?

  3. will look. the link went to a broken link but I think I am on the mailing list will check.