Thursday, February 5, 2015

Selling my way to RWA in New York by Roxanne Rustand

There are several very large organizations for writers. One of the biggest is Romance Writers of America, which holds its conferences in July in various large cities from coast to coast.  It's educational, it provides wonderful opportunities for networking with other writers, and for meeting with one's literary agent and editors. It's also a chance to "give back" to writing community by offering to give workshops or by volunteering in other ways.  

It's also a way to visit other parts of the country...and this summer it's back in New York. Be still my heart!  Wonderful restaurants.  Broadway shows. Incredible museums. And an exciting vibe this country girl loves in...well, smaller doses before slipping back into her office in a quiet, rural state. :)  Especially exciting is that my daughter, who is also a writer, will be there.  We'll stay with two of my writer friends at the conference hotel, and enjoy every minute of the conference and the big city. 

But, it's an expensive affair what with airfare, a big city hotel, restaurant meals and the conference fee.  

A few days ago I enjoyed reading Denise Devine's blogpost about searching for bargains.  A gal after my own heart!  It's such a treasure hunt, going to consignment stores, resale shops or browsing through eBay.  You just never know what you'll find!  

On the flip side of that coin, I enjoy donning my alter ego now and then, as Christiana 116, and providing that sort of experience by listing items on eBay.  All of us have things we don't really need, and apparently this form of buying and selling is very popular, as there are now many "cash from your closet" type auction sites online.

Years ago, a dear friend set a goal of going RWA based in what she saved via couponing, and she succeeded!  This year, I decided to do the same, only via what I could make selling on eBay.  I'd been quite inactive there for sometime.  Was it even possible?  

Well, I'm part way to my goal, and thinning out my closets and shelves makes me feel good, too.  I have had a passion for Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Fossil and Kooba for way too long!  As hard as it is to let them go, sending them off to new homes so that I can go to RWA with our daughter this year is worth it!

Those of you who comment here will be (if you choose)  entered in a drawing for any book from my backlist (which can be seen at my website, and the address is below.) you have travel plans this year?  What is your dream trip for the future?

Wishing you all the best,

Roxanne Rustand is the author of thirty-five traditionally published books, plus self-published books and a novella in the Sweet Christmas Kisses anthology. She lives in the snowy Midwest with her husband, two dogs, three horses and a herd of fat, lazy barn cats.  She recently signed a new three-book contract with Love Inspired.  She can be found at:  &


  1. Great post! I'm closing on a new condo next month and moving about 3 weeks after that. I hope to sell some things on eBay and also at a new consignment shop that just opened nearby. Not sure if I'll make it to RWA for other reasons, but I'll have extra cash anyway.

  2. Smart way to make extra money and clear out things you no longer need. I wish eBay had been around when I was cleaning out my parents' house years ago. They had so much stuff, I'd be a millionaire today!

  3. I share your passion for D&B, but doubt I could part with them. We're saving (and pre-paying) for a Mediterranean cruise departing in June. I'm eating out less and ordering fewer Starbucks coffees.

  4. A Med cruise is so fun! I did a lot of scrimping to go on mine, but it was worth it. We did the Holy Land cruise and saw four countries. I'd do it again, any day!

    This year, my main focus will be RWA in NYC. Every time we go there, Steve and I make it a point to walk down to Central Park almost every night and just walk around. So looking forward to that again.

  5. Less can be so much more! It's a great time of year to clean out the things we don't need or want to make room in our lives for more exciting things (like a conference trip!). Good for you, Roxanne!

  6. I'm inspired to start my Spring cleaning early.. We would like to go see our Grandkids. We haven't seen them for 2 years & they are growing so fast.