Saturday, February 7, 2015

Early Valentine's Day by Shaleen Kapil

I have only received a valentine from my husband of 14 years once, and it was before we were married. I lived abroad while we were engaged, and he sent me flowers for Valentine's Day. It made me feel special (especially since no one else there celebrated the holiday).

My husband feels Valentine's Day is too forced and too commercial, so he refuses to celebrate on that day. I don't really complain because we normally go out for a nicer dinner or something before Valentine's Day, so I figure it is an early Valentine's Day. It helps that my husband's birthday also falls on the day before Valentine's.

It has worked out rather practically for us because we can often take advantage of specials without the crowds. For example, one of our favorite restaurants has a special 3 course meal all weekend for Valentine's. And last year, I got a rose from a restaurant even though it was the day after Valentine's. 

With young children at home, enjoying a night out alone works better earlier as well. Too often, it seems getting a babysitter for big holidays is impossible.

Some people have told me that this attitude is unromantic. I just shrug. Sure, that first valentine was very special, but the time together is the romantic part, regardless of the day.

Shaleen Kapil hasn't yet written a Valentine's themed novella, but she wonders whether it would have a holiday-grump in it. But she is working on a Christmas novella, and no Scrooges are allowed! Find out more at or Like her on Facebook.

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  1. My husband and I used to exchange Valentine gifts, but I think I'm the more practical one. Flowers die too fast and candy adds calories.

  2. We were married on Valentine's Day, so our celebrations are about our anniversary. We often do not celebrate on the 14th because too many people are celebrating Valentine's Day. For years we never got each other gifts, but we got something for the house.