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Lyn Cote~ Do you like a bargain? How about 4 ebooks for 1 low price? 

Opposites attract even in the shadow of mystery~

That’s true in small towns and cities. Especially when mysteries intrude. Who is hacking into medical records? Stealing valuable antiques? Why has a father of twin boys disappeared? These questions stress families already dealing with heartbreak, difficulties. But faith and love can face anything. If you enjoy page-turning suspenseful, deeply emotional and real-life stories with triumphant endings, this is for you. This four-book collection by a USA Today Bestselling author Lyn Cote is a complete series.

What Readers Say:

“I loved this. Shed a few tears and a few smiles. Wonderful characters...both adults and children.”

“Truth and Love…books deal with real life circumstances and how God's patience and love is manifested through His word and people…refreshing because it deals with love and imperfect people.”


Sealed with a Christmas Promise by Laura Scott

A promise to protect . . .

After months of searching, former SEAL turned cop Bryce Flynn and his K9, Kirby, has finally found Callie Burgess. He needs to question her about her former boyfriend, a member of the Desert Death Rays motorcycle gang, who was recently murdered. But when shots are fired through the window of the diner where she’s working, he realizes she’s in danger too.

After being betrayed by a police officer in the past, Callie doesn’t trust cops. But when a gunman comes after her, she has little choice but to accept Bryce’s promise to protect her. Her life is in shambles—no money, no job, no place to live. The only redeeming factors are the stray puppy she’s found and Bryce himself.

As the Christmas holiday approaches, will Bryce keep Callie safe and convince her to give love a chance?


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House Calls for the Holidays by Pat Simmons

A doctor. A nurse. A matchmaker.

Charity McCall couldn’t have survived the holidays without her petite Goldendoodle. She named him Dr. Avery because he healed her broken heart after a bad breakup. She plans to spend the holidays on the road away from St. Louis with her pooch in tow.

Sawyer Kahill needs a fresh start, so he relocates to Raleigh, working in the IT field. He’s enjoying life until his aunt has a health scare back in St. Louis.

He plans to bring her back with him after he suspects someone is trying to take an advantage of her. Every time he’s on the phone with Aunt Edith, she raves about Dr. Avery and his nurse making house calls.

The joke is on him.

Sawyer has no idea the regular visits are from a dog named Dr. Avery and Charity who is an RN by profession. His aunt refuses to budge from St. Louis.

After a chance meeting with Charity in the hospital, he learns she now moving to Raleigh.

Will their paths ever cross again? Not unless they both come home for the holidays.

Leave that up to the Lord and Aunt Edith.

Bargain price .99 cents

Can't Say No to Puppies by Jean C. Gordon
~ 99-cents ~

His brother left her at the altar.

When Shelby Newcomb retreats home for a traditional family Christmas, the last thing she expects is to be running the Puppy Pals rescued dogs giveaway with the brother of the man who jilted her.

Reformed bad boy Kris Carmichael is making a fresh start as a veterinarian in Williamstown. Successfully launching the Puppy Pals Christmas dog giveaway will save animals and build his new practice. All he has to do is avoid the woman he carries a torch for.

But bro codes and broken trust are no match for the joy of the Christmas season and a litter of puppies. With a few nudges from a dating app and a matchmaking grandmother, the event and the growing spark between Shelby and Kris could deliver a very Merry Christmas.

But can Shelby trust Kris's promises or will another Carmichael break her heart?

And all the hearts hoping for Puppies for Christmas.

Christmas in the Air is a sweet, small-town romance filled with delightful characters and holiday cheer.

What if you told your innermost secrets to a guy you assumed you’d never see again?

Grab your copy today. Only 99 cents.

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