Friday, October 7, 2022

It's Not Too Late ~ Jean C. Gordon

Too late for what? To participate in the fun, games, and giveaways of yesterday's Puppies for Christmas Party in the Sweet Romance Reads Cafe on Facebook. All posts are available and the giveaways are open until this evening, with winners to be announced on Saturday.

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My Puppies for Christmas Novella, Releasing Oct. 18

His brother left her at the altar.

When Shelby Newcomb retreats home for a traditional family Christmas, the last thing she expects is to be running the Puppy Pals rescued dogs giveaway with the brother of the man who jilted her.

Reformed bad boy Kris Carmichael is making a fresh start as a veterinarian in Williamstown. Successfully launching the Puppy Pals Christmas dog giveaway will save animals and build his new practice. All he has to do is avoid the woman he carries a torch for.

But bro codes and broken trust are no match for the joy of the Christmas season and a litter of puppies. With a few nudges from a dating app and a matchmaking grandmother, the event and the growing spark between Shelby and Kris could deliver a very Merry Christmas.

But can Shelby trust Kris's promises or will another Carmichael break her heart?

And all the hearts hoping for Puppies for Christmas.


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