Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Lyn Cote Asks "What does it take to cause people to “change or heal?”

 That question is the basis of my story, Ominous Midsummer, which will come out on June 15. And it is not just a change in one character but in two: my heroine Jessie who suffered a traumatic event and subsequent amnesia and my hero Chad who suffered a troubled childhood. They have become best friends, fishing buddies in the rugged northwoods. What will cause them to move from friends to more? 

Well, happy times rarely bring about reflection or the need to rise to the occasion. That’s been my experience in life. And as an author, it’s my job to shake things up, incite change. In Ominous Midsummer, I do this by shattering their peace with a violent attack on Chad’s great uncle and the simultaneous disappearance of his ex-con father. Who attacked the uncle? Was Chad’s father involved or another victim? 

If that kind of story interests you, you can pre-order Ominous Midsummer, a clean mystery romance now for $2.99. That price till the end with June, regularly 3.99. This book is the last in my Northern Shore Intrigue series but each book is complete in itself. Click here for more information. And answer this question and be entered in a random drawing for one ebook copy of Ominous Midsummer. Do you think it is possible for people to heal and change? Yes or no? —Lyn Cote

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