Thursday, June 30, 2022

Bed and Breakfasts by Laura Scott


Good morning! For those who don't know me, I'm Laura Scott and I write sweet and inspirational romantic suspense. Some of my suspense stories are more mystery focused than true suspense. 

My question for our readers is about Bed and Breakfasts. Have you stayed in any recently? Or have these gone to the wayside with the uptick in access tp rentals like VRBO and AirBNB? Inquiring minds want to know, lol.

I've stayed in several Bed and Breakfasts, and I really enjoyed the experience. My friend Beth Watson and I stayed in several during our trip to Ireland a few years ago. Those wonderful full Irish breakfasts were amazing. 

Here's a picture of me in front of an Irish castle! 

During that trip to Ireland, I had this idea for a series where a group of siblings renovated their beloved grandparents' house into a Bed and Breakfast. Now that was several years ago, so it makes me wonder if the whole B&B idea isn't as interesting as it used to be. 

Which brings me to my series. I wrote the McNally Family series based on this B&B idea. Even if you don't like the B&B concept, the first book is FREE so you might want to give it a try! 

To Love by Laura Scott

Can this drifter find a home?

Desperate for a fresh start, Jazz McNally pours her energy into renovating her grandparents' mansion overlooking Lake Michigan. Her goal is to turn the cherished childhood home into a bed and breakfast she'd manage with her twin sister. Jazz doesn't mind the hard work, until vandals strike. She needs help fast or risk missing the date of their grand opening and being in debt to her four older brothers.

Drifter Dalton O'Brien doesn't mind giving Jazz a hand, knowing once the job was complete he'd be on his way. But he enjoys spending time with her, more than he should. When vandalism escalates to danger, Dalton is determined to keep Jazz safe. Can he let go of the ghosts in his past long enough to embrace the future?

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  1. I love B&Bs.In fact, I've just booked one for a short anniversary trip we have planned for early September.

  2. It's been a while since we've stayed in a bed-and-breakfast. When we lived in Florida, our little town had at least a half dozen historic bed-and-breakfasts.