Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Book Series versus Stand Alone Stories by Janice Lynn

 I'm currently writing the fourth book in my Wrapped Up in Christmas series for Hallmark and it's got me to thinking about whether or not I prefer books that are connected with other stories or if I prefer books that I read, enjoy, and then move on. 

When I think about some of the first connected stories that I recall reading, Lori Foster's Buckhorn Brothers comes to mind even though I'd been reading romance many years prior to these books being released. I remember anxiously awaiting the next brother's story and just loved them all. I posted a photo of Book 1's original cover (Temptation was my favorite Harlequin line and was where I once dreamed of writing stories for because they were fun, feel good stories that often made me LOL). 

And, I'm posting a photo of Casey's book, because as with many readers, Casey's was the story I waited the longest on as he grew up in the other brothers' stories. 

Of course, I love Lori's stand alone stories just as much as she's a phenomenal writer and person. I feel so fortunate that Lori gave me my first author quote for my first book, Jane Millionaire, which seems as if it came out forever ago. She's definitely someone I admire so much. (Leanne Banks gave me my other author quote for that book & she is the sweetest person ever! Love, love, love her!)

Now, back to my writing book 4 of my Wrapped Up in Christmas series, as I'm working on this story, I'm conscientious of wanting to hit the right notes with readers who have read all the books & give that them glimpse into the lives of the characters they love, but also want to make sure that if I have a new reader that they don't feel lost/like they've missed vital info. Where I catch myself is that I love those past characters and it would be sooooo easy to let them take over the story. LOL. Isabelle, who is my heroine, was in book 2 & 3, so she's not a new character, but Zac, her hunky hero, is a new character and loves to push her buttons--and does. :) Hopefully, I'll give fans another fun glimpse of Bodie & Sarah, Cole & Sophie, Andrew & Morgan as Zac convinces Isabelle she really should take a chance on a military guy. 

What are your favorite series & why? What about your favorite standalone stories? 

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