Thursday, May 26, 2022

Dreams Deferred by Susan Aylworth

As Hubby and I approached our 50th wedding anniversary, we promised ourselves we'd do something fabulous to celebrate. Half a century of togetherness seemed worth celebrating. So, to do it right, we planned a trip we'd wanted for years. We planned to visit Hawaii.

When our anniversary came in June of 2020, conditions in the world had changed. Hawaii was closed, as was the rest of the planet. None of us had planned for a global pandemic, and our dream was deferred. 

Time has passed, restrictions have eased, and last month, we pulled ourselves together and got on an airplane. Was it everything we had imagined? No. Not at all. Some parts of the trip were much more amazing than I could have imagined; other parts even disappointed just a little. In both, we are delighted to have fulfilled this dream. 

Here's a little of what we experienced:  To the right, sea turtles sunning on a beach in Maui. 

Below, the central trunk of the banyan tree in downtown Lahaina. Planted 149 years ago, this tree now covers almost two full acres. It's a local treasure and everyone plans to celebrate it's 150th birthday next year. 

Right, the throne room at the Iolani Palace in Honolulu, the only royal palace in the United States. 

These images mark just the beginnings of our adventures. We flew in a helicopter over waterfalls on Molokai, paid our respects to the men of the U.S.S. Arizona, watched fire-knife dancers at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and learned more than we imagined possible about these beautiful islands.

Hawaii may not be everyone's dream, but if Hawaii is on your bucket list, I hope you enjoy it just as much as we did. If your dreams differ, may you not need to defer them long.

Susan Aylworth is the author of more than 20 novels. Over the Rainbow, a prequel to the Rainbow Rock Romances, is available free to everyone who subscribes to her newsletter on her website: Contact her on her Facebook author page or via or join her on Twitter @Susan Aylworth.

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