Saturday, November 28, 2020

Thank you for the holiday lights - by @MagdalenaScott

Photo by Bob Ricca on Unsplash

Hi, Gang! It's me again. 

And I have a question for you.

Have you put holiday lights in your windows? 

On your landscaping? 

Dripping from your roof?

Okay, maybe that's three questions, but you get the gist.

Some of my neighbors have had Christmas lights going since Halloween. In any other year, I'd have muttered to myself that it was way too early.

But this year, I smile each evening when I look out the window and see the pretty, colorful lights outlining their roof, a little tree, and the driveway. 

Holiday lights are just so happy.

So hopeful.

I read in the paper this week that lots of folks in the U.S. were early this year with their Christmas lights. The article also pointed out that outdoor holiday decorating is an unselfish endeavor. Most of the time the homeowner isn't able to enjoy their own handiwork.

Instead, it's being savored by the folks who drive past,

many of whom are probably total strangers.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

So I wanted to say thank you to those who've already lit up their corner of the world. And for the rest of us, it's not too late to do our part. There's still way too much darkness out there.


An update for those of you who have been following the saga of Ben Kincaid's story. It is written and is on my editor's calendar. Happy dance!


  1. I love Christmas lights and very much appreciate those who have light displays.