Friday, November 20, 2020

The Heroes We Love

by Fran McNabb

Holiday Season means festivals. Even with paranoia over the pandemic, I set up my booths, stayed behind my tables masked, and sold my books and art. I love talking with people about my books. This year, as always, I had many to ask me to point out my favorite book. You’d think after fifteen books, I’d quickly shout out my favorite, but, nope, that’s not the case.  

Authors love their books and their characters. If they don’t, I think it shows up in their writing. How do you pick a favorite when they all are loved? I finally came up with a solution. I focus on my books with my favorite heroes: Jake in ON THE CREST OF A WAVE  and Tucker in PARADISE FOUND

Both of these characters have characteristics that make a wonderful hero—courageous but flawed, gentle but tough, and, of course, handsome and loving. 

Who is your favorite hero? Is it one you created or is it on you found in someone else’s book?    

FRAN MCNABB writes sweet romances, many of which are set along the Gulf Coast where she lives. ON THE CREST OF A WAVE is one of her earlier books set in the Civil War on an island off the coast. PARADISE FOUND is one of her latest books and is set right over a bridge from where she grew up.

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