Thursday, November 19, 2020

National Monopoly Day by Merri Maywether

Every morning our school day starts with announcements. First, we recite the Pledge of Allegiance. When people are seated, the routine continues with the word of the day. It’s cute because our student announcer gives a shout-out to one of the teachers. “This is a word the such and such teacher would like.” He pauses to give us time to chuckle. Then he announces the “National day of.” Again he gives a shout-out to someone in the school. 

One time he skipped the “National Day of.” A student under the guise of going to the bathroom to a side trip to the office to ask that the oversight be remedied. It hasn’t been missed since. 

Well, today is National Play Monopoly Day. All of us are supposed to gather a group of friends and break out the Monopoly board. My first inclination was to balk. On a weekday? 

Then I recalled that I played two variations of Monopoly with my boys when they were younger.  One way was to set a timer for thirty minutes. Whoever had the most money and assets at the end of that time won. 

The other variation was to play for fifteen minutes the usual way. After that, we played in reverse for the next fifteen minutes. 

Regardless of how we played, the end was always the same. We’d finish with a treat of fresh-baked cookies and cocoa. It was the perfect way to end the day. 

I have a question. What is your favorite Monopoly piece? The choices are: the dog, the iron, the shoe, the car,  the thimble, the ship, or the top hat. Share your answer in the comments.

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The friends and family in my Paradise Hills series love playing games. In
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The story starts with two best friends and an interesting proposal.

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Sam's father, Charles Ellis, deciding that Gibson was not good enough for his daughter, introduced her to the perfect person to prove it. His new apprentice, Greg.

A simple charade, meant to make Gibson and Sam’s lives easier, takes the two best friends through twists and turns that test the foundation of their friendship.

Paradise Hills Thanksgiving is a small town, feel-good, love story that readers of Hallmark Channel stories

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Merri lives on a family farm with her husband in rural Montana. When she isn't crafting small-town romance stories, she is either in the school library with the next generation of readers or in the classroom inspiring them to write their stories.


  1. I was never a fan of Monopoly, but when I did play with my grandchildren I cherished the time spent with them. I prefer the Junior edition games since they are shorter, and I always chose the thimble since I loved to sew.

    1. I understand. That’s why I played the variation.

  2. My mother taught us how to play as children and I've taught mine own and nieces. It's a must! I would buy up properties as soon as I passed GO.

  3. I always liked the shoe. When my hubby and I first got married, we used to play Monopoly with a family we became friends with when the dad of the family did some repair work on the house my husband rented before we got married. We would play for hours.

  4. It is one of those pass the time and chat games.