Sunday, November 8, 2020

Oh, To Be a Cat.... by Christine Bush

The world is so full of troubles today.  There is so much tension, worry, apprehension and fear.  I’ve got very human  concerns about  a pandemic, a wild election, and global warming.

I’m also struggling with insurance issues, finance concerns, a dear relative struggling with health, and repairs from a minor car accident.

Then there’s the very wonky computer that NEEDS to be replaced (though I haven’t had the time to research the “by what” part), writing deadlines, a tedious edit, the daily fight against writer’s block, and this cruel thing called a “D-I-E-T” that I MUST embrace so that I don’t end up coming out of quarantine looking like someone on one of those humiliating and awful TV shows.

Hey, each day is a challenge.

As I sit at my desk, trying to decide which pile of “very important stuff” I should attempt to tackle, a cat runs across my keyboard. Sigh.

Now, I love my cats. I have two characters, “Macaroni and Cheese”, who were rescued long ago, so they are a little “long in the tooth”.  Today, I am also minding my granddaughter’s 4 month old kitten, Benny.  

Benny is not a rescue.  In fact, the day may come when WE need to be rescued FROM Benny.  He is a force to be reckoned with.  My granddaughter has cat allergies.  She’s always wanted a cat.  In a moment of slight insanity, my daughter gifted her with a hypo-allergic cat, a Siberian, for her birthday.

These Siberian cats cost a bundle. The magic is that their “fur” is different, it doesn’t have dander.  So it works for Catherine, and she loves this ultra expensive designer cat.

He is faster than my old guys.

He is more daring than my old guys.

He has absolutely NO manners at all. But he's extremely entertaining.

As I watch these cats play, I see the phenomenal stressors they must endure.

They must take turns at the food dish.

They must wrestle to claim their favorite spot on the couch.

They must compete with my hands on the computer keys when they’d much rather be stroked.

They must move their warm sleeping spot from window to window as the sun moves in the sky.

They must take turns at the food dish again.  And again.

More naps.  More romps around the room.  More naps.

Tough life, right?

 Despite their many challenges, I think I’d rather be a cat.

How about you?

Christine Bush is the award winning author of over 20 stories of romance, romantic mystery, and suspense. She also writes Middle Grade Fiction.  When she’s not writing, she can be found teaching Psychology at a local college, working with clients as a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, having fun with her husband and 14 grandchildren, and (currently) chasing three rambunctious, Christmas ornament stealing cats around the house.  Life is grand!

Her novella, “Christmas with the Cat Lady”, is a sweet romance available in ebook or print. It makes a great gift!


  1. Christine, I have one cat, so she doesn't have the stressors that your two oldsters are enduring. You're right that feline life looks much easier than ours. {{hugs}}

  2. Thanks for sharing your kitties with us. I'm a cat person, but we just bought our granddaughters a dog. They really wanted a cat, and I didn't know about cats that don't cause allergies. They didn't get a cat because their dad is allergic. I have to say the puppy is really cute, so I'm not sure if the girls are not dog people instead of cat people.

  3. My cats have it good, but one of them (who will remain nameless) keeps getting into the Christmas decor that is stored away and--eating silk needles off of something. Don't ask me how I know...It looks like we're going to have another treeless Christmas...