Monday, December 4, 2017

With Passion by Mona Risk

Today someone asked me, “What do you like the best? What do you like doing with passion? What would you do for hours without complaining?”

Can you answer any of these questions spontaneously--the first thing that comes to your mind, without deeply thinking about it?

My answers came right away:
1-Writing a story: I can sit at my computer for hours--my record was 12 hours--writing non-stop, ignoring the world around me.

2-Taking care of my grandchildren, playing or chatting with them, cooking or baking for them.

3-Swimming in the pool.  A few years ago I would have said walking on the beach. Unfortunately, my knee hurts now if I walk on the sand.

4-Reading a good book.

So what about you? Please, share your answers.


  1. My passion is writing and reading a good book.

  2. Mona, my passions are almost the same as yours, but I would swap tennis for swimming.

    1. I watch tennis a lot. My husband plays 3-4 times a week, and is glued to the TV when there are Open competitions.

  3. Ok with out thinking first thought.
    What do I like best Cricket.
    What do I like doing with passion, watching Cricket
    what do I do for hours without complaining, I was going to say watch cricket but if I am at the game I complain about the heat, or the cold, or the slowness, etc etc.
    So second thought would be reading.

    1. All right Cricket it is!!! Enjoy it.

    2. I say it cos I am watching it on tv. Its summer and Cricket season and one of the international tests is on. The one I should be at but due to chronic head pain I just can't cope with noise anymore. So I am watching it on my tv which I can turn down. In a different season it would probably be reading or something else. I am a reader not a writer.