Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Five Reasons why Opposites Attract by Rachelle Ayala

Have you ever looked at a couple you knew and wondered what they saw in each other? Or maybe it was you, hooking up with the last guy any of your friends or family would ever believe you'd be attracted to?

Why are there so many relationships where the couple are polar opposites? The party animal with the bookworm. The workaholic with the fun-lover. The laid back with the go-getter. It would seem that when looking for a relationship, we'd want people who we were compatible with, who share the same interests, who like the same things, and who make us comfortable.

Here are five reasons why opposites attract.
1. Chemistry. Oil and water. Fire and ice. When opposites meet and collide, explosions happen. When people with opposite personalities meet, there is curiosity, surprise, and the unexpected. This person is not responding to me the way I expect. An unexpected interaction sparks interest and gets the heart pumping. It's memorable and whether cute or annoying, it definitely makes a mark.

2. Excitement. Everyone likes surprises. They take us out of our daily routine and make life interesting. Someone whose personality is opposite to yours will surprise you and keep you on your toes. This excitement is raises your heartrate and increases attraction, especially at the beginning of a romance.

3. Complementary. We unconsciously seek that which we're missing. A shy bookworm may dream about athletic pursuits. A talkative person can appreciate a silent listener. Someone disorganized may need an organizer. By drawing ourselves to someone who makes up what we lack, we feel more complete as a person.

4. Humor. A sense of humor always helps balance a relationship. When your partner views the world the opposite with you do, things happen that are not the way you would have anticipated. That could be funny and memorable.

5. Tension. In any romance, tension and conflict drives the story forward. It's the same way in your life. Great relationships thrive on passion, and passion is created by tension and yes, sometimes, conflict, as each person asserts his or her individuality.

My latest story, Dog Days of Love, is an opposites attract romance between a woman with a doctorate degree and a happy-go-luck college dropout. Vanessa is a go-getter and a planner. She has a checklist for life and she is determined to follow it to the letter. Dale Hart lives, laughs, and loves by the seat of his pants. When Dale throws a Frisbee at Vanessa's dogs, he starts an improbable chain of events that change both of them.

“You keep staring at her, and your eyes are going to combust,” Nadine said, coming up to his side. “Excellent aim.”
The wind lifted the Frisbee high, and then, because Vanessa was downhill from them, its descent was prolonged, drawing the attention of both of Vanessa’s dogs.
The hyperactive black and white rat terrier mix yelped sharply and jumped for the Frisbee, while the more laid-back brown shepherd mix circled Vanessa’s legs, barking encouragement.
Not to be outdone, Cinder leaped, flying magnificently through the air, her jaw wide open, her entire attention glued to the yellow disc, her athletic and streamlined body a blur of spots and white.
A tangle of brown, black, white and spotted fur spun like a funnel cloud touching down. Vanessa’s arms windmilled, her phone went flying along with the plastic poop bags. The dogs’ leashes wrapped around her legs and down she went, while Cinder and the rat terrier played tug-of-war with the Frisbee.
Dale sprinted down the hill. He edged out a man on a bicycle who laid his bike down to help. Swooping down on his prey, he lifted her up high.
“Are you okay?”
Rip! Her skirt tore, exposing her black laced panties and stockings. Dale’s eyes caught fire as he struggled to avert them from her shapely thighs.
Vanessa screamed, “Let me down. You’re stepping on my clothes.”
“Oops.” Dale dropped her, a little too fast, and she turned her ankle, lurching backward.
By reflex, he yanked her sleeve, but she slipped from the suit jacket, popping the buttons, and landed on her brown dog, who gave a yelp of pain.
Cinder let go of the Frisbee and snagged Vanessa’s fallen shoe. That dog had a women’s shoe fetish. Quick as a whip, she raced away from the other two dogs to keep her prize.
By now, a crowd of people gathered, and several punks pulled out their cameras to take videos.
Vanessa’s hands flapped, trying to pull up her torn skirt. Her brown dog leaped over her and licked her, tugging at her neat bun and smearing her makeup.
The other dog, a terrier mix, pounced on the suit jacket and shook it like a drowned rat, growling and pawing at it.
“I need my shoe back, and give me my jacket.” Vanessa grabbed at her jacket, but the dog thought she was playing tug of war and dug in its heels.
“Miss, your phone’s broken,” Nadine said, picking up Vanessa’s discarded phone.
“I need to get to my interview.” She stared at her phone while trying to cover her abdomen and thighs with what remained of her skirt. “I need to get back to my apartment to change and call a taxi.”
“I can help.” Dale stripped off his tank top. “Here, put this on.”
Instead of waiting for her to respond, he pulled the tank top over her arms and shoulders and picked her up. Thank goodness for oversized and overlong basketball jerseys.
“I still need my shoe,” Vanessa cried. “And I’m going to be late.”
“I’ve got this.” Dale hefted her over his shoulder like a caveman with his bride and headed down the hill toward her apartment.
“But, my dogs are loose.”
Dale whistled “Yankee Doodle,” and like the pied piper of old, he led a trail of dogs and bystanders down Martin Luther King Drive and out the South Gate of the park.
“How do you know the way to my apartment?” Vanessa demanded, her legs flipping against his stomach as he walked.
“I see you at the ramen shop across from the station all the time.”
“No, rescuer. All my brothers are firefighters, but I prefer saving pretty women,” Dale said. “Dale Hart, Chief Connor Hart’s brother.”

That was definitely a memorable meet cute. To read more, find Dog Days of Love at your favorite ebook store. Universal Link: or in Paperback from Amazon.

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  1. Interesting and informative post, Rachelle. I love the clever title of your book!

  2. Thank you, Josie! I've always been attracted to opposites. Makes life more interesting.

  3. A good list of why opposites attract. Thanks for sharing.