Saturday, December 2, 2017

Capital Gaines Book Review by Melinda Curtis

In this day and age, it's risky saying you like anyone in the public eye because they might disappoint you down the road. I hope that's not the case with Chip Gaines, of Fixer Upper fame. I've enjoyed the HGTV show for many years and when I saw Chip's book at Costco, I decided to pick it up, not expecting much. I mean, come on, it's Chip Gaines - he's belly-flopped on national television!

I think part of my fondness for Chip comes from my brother-in-law, who passed away a few years ago at a very young age. Tony was like Chip in that he enjoyed life to the fullest and learned a lot doing stupid stuff. You might know someone like Chip and Tony - the guy who acts before he fully thinks things through, always fun to be around, a hard worker when his mouth isn't running, and a heart as big as the ocean. If so, you won't be surprised to read about Chip's youthful adventures, you won't doubt that he won the heart of a pretty girl, and you won't be shocked to find he's made a few mistakes in business on his climb to the top.

The point Chip made in this book that made me glad I read it was about life and balance, and love and giving the best of yourself. Here are some of the key takeaways for me:

"Never quit your day dream." This is hugely important to me. I always tell my kids to dream big because they'll grow into those dreams someday.

"...if you ever consider quitting, it's already too late." Meaning you've already quit. Check in with your day dream and make plans to move along.

"I have concluded that we can only do two things really well at one time." And he's not talking about patting your head and rubbing your stomach. Chip is referring to the really big things - nurturing your immediate family, caring for an elderly parent, building a career, the active pursuit of a time and energy sucking dream. You get the idea. He presented his argument as he revealed the reasons he and Joanna decided to end their #1 rated show. They've taken on too much.

I've always put too much on my plate - I'm still married to my college sweetheart, we raised three kids (two of which are in college, one is expecting our first grandchild), my parents have needed more care this past decade, I'm a full-time writer and a full-time marketing consultant. I think that's why this book didn't just entertain me. It spoke to me. Chip spoke to me.

How about you? Did Chip's words of wisdom make you think twice about life and your priorities? I hope so.

If you enjoy reading celebrity biographies, or you just enjoy Chip's personality on the show, you'll enjoy this book.

And now...if you're interested in a

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  1. Mel,
    I'm a huge fan of their show and will miss it. However, Chip's points about life and balance ring so true. Thanks for an excellent review.

    1. In our house, where we've been living in a remodel for 8 months, we'll miss their show, but also their good humored advice about "oopsies" - lol.

  2. I've been watching their show in reruns, and now my granddaughters love to watch it.