Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Holiday Season by Alicia Street

I’ve still got my pumpkins and gourds on tables and shelves and will keep them there through Thanksgiving. But I confess, as soon as the air starts getting that crisp, cold feel I start sneaking out little Christmas things. Like a Santa Claus vase and an angel plate and a music box that plays “Joy to the World” and of course my favorite dancing reindeer mug. My stained glass cardinals and chickadees have come out for the winter, and, okay, my turkey salt and pepper shakers are sharing the stage with snowmen in Santa hats.
I can’t help it. All these things bring back happy memories shared with family and friends over the years.
This time of year also means many of my favorite authors have released holiday stories that I begin to collect—and soon I have a TBR pile that will easily carry me into the New Year. Especially when I have to mix in many of my older faves. I know I’m far from the only one who won’t be waiting till December to sink into tales of Christmas romance. Hallmark Channel has already begun their Countdown to Christmas holiday movies.

I also love writing Christmas romance and just released The Christmas Sparkle Test.

When the three Abbott sisters agree to return to Peconic Bend for one last Christmas in their childhood home before their dad sells it, Heidi knows it means facing memories she’d rather forget. Like Connor James, the guy who stole her heart, then broke it.
Will seeing him again reopen a wound that still lingers? Does a spark still burn between them? Or will the magic of Christmas make that spark turn to sparkle?

Do you have treasured things you love to bring out every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Or favorite books and movies you return to?


Alicia Street is a USA Today bestselling author and a Daphne du Maurier award-winner.
A compulsive reader of every genre, she writes both sweet and steamy romance. 
She spent many years as a dancer, choreographer and teacher.
Alicia loves to connect with readers ~

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  1. Alicia,
    I most definitely have the same items I bring out for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Currently, I have my Thanksgiving turkey salt and pepper shakers on the dining room table, but my Christmas box is ready and waiting! Best wishes on your newest Christmas release!

  2. I confess, this year, Thanksgiving snuck up on me. I still thought I had another week. I changed out the living room flowers to Sunflowers and put out a vase full of fall leaves in the kitchen as well as decorated my dining room table runner with pumpkins and fall leaves, but I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to decorating the entire house for Christmas. Congrats on the new Christmas release.

  3. I'm not much of a collector, but I do have a pink tabletop Christmas Tree that I love putting on display even before Thanksgiving is here. You've inspired me to bring it out today.

  4. Definitely! I have nativity sets I've collected through the years or ones people have given me.