Sunday, November 5, 2017

Autumn is still in the air....

I love autumn!  From way back in early grade school, I remember sitting in brightly lit classrooms on rainy days, dreamily looking through the windows as rain drizzled down the glass panes and turned the landscape into watercolor paintings in reds, oranges and bright yellows.

This fall was slow in coming thanks to a hot, dry September, but in early November we still have some beautiful colors here and there.  I write this, I'm drawn back to memories of autumns long ago.... the smell of burning leaves, 4-H and church youth group
hayrack rides on wagons pulled by massive draft horses, the sweet warmth of cocoa and marshmallows sitting around a campfire.

What are your favorite memories of fall?

Last weekend the family gathered at our son's house to celebrate a birthday.
Maybe there weren't Belgians pulling the hayrack, but it was fun for the little ones all the same.

They had even more fun playing in a pile of leaves--once neatly raked but soon scattered across the yard :)  before heading back inside for
birthday cake and other treats, and the opening of presents.  So now---with that birthday over, I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving...and then Christmas!

Do you have some holiday plans yet?  Do you plan to travel, or enjoy the holidays at home?

All the best to you and yours!

Roxanne Rustand

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  1. Yay, Roxanne. I'm looking forward to the holidays, also. And, beautiful photos!

  2. Such a lovely description of autumn! One of my favorite parts of autumn is the cool, crisp nights. It's right at that point where it's no longer too warm and it isn't too cold yet. It's just perfect.

    1. I love that too....though right now I am counting the days until the nights are cold enough for our thick, soft flannel sheets! :)