Saturday, May 27, 2017

My First Mother's Day as a mom happened a few weeks ago and my husband's first Father's Day is coming up in June. Come to think of it we planned our wedding a few years ago on Father's Day. So I'll have to figure out a cool idea for my husband. (Suggestions are welcome!)

And my days as a teacher this school year is almost done. AP exams are done. So post exam May is always a fun month and this year it's extra special because I'm a mom and my daughter is growing so fast. Soon I'll be planning a first birthday.

And my daughter is truly my inspiration for writing more and more all the time. Every month in 2017 I intend to have a new release and so far, so good! So this month it's a sweet release, Favorite Coffee, Favorite Mistake.

Sandy is planning her best friend's wedding on a cruise ship, knowing full well the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom might be a spark to ruin the nuptials. So the bride asks her to watch out for either of them and she asks her brother to help Sandy.

However no one knows years ago her brother, Wyatt, broke Sandy's heart when she left for college and he met someone else. Sure she's moved on with her life, and she's successful. But she's never fully found someone else that made her feel amazing.

Wyatt never expected Sandy to forgive him for the past and he never sought her out. But when fate throws them together and they are forced to talk, then it's time to come clean and apologize. 

Can Sandy and Wyatt work out their mistakes and this time find a way to live Happily Ever After?


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  1. Best wishes on your newest release, Victoria. And congrats on celebrating your first Mother's Day. :)